Friday, May 9, 2014

Meru Releases System Director v6.1-1

This week Meru Networks announced the release of System Director v6.1-1.  No big surprises here, just general feature enhancements.  Although there is one thing that caught my attention.  More about that later.

Feature Enhancements

  • TxBF Support for AP832/AP822 - Transmit Beamforming is now supported on the AP832 and AP833, Meru’s two higher end 802.11ac access points.  TxBF improves performance for medium range clients
  • AP822 Support
  • Mesh Support for AP433
  • Dynamic VLAN Support for AP433 & AP1020 in Bridge Mode - Allows VLAN tag assignments done dynamically through RADIUS server messages when the AP is in bridge mode.
  • DFS on AP433 - Dynamic Frequency Selection is now supported.  The 433 series of APs is now able to switch it’s radio to another channel when needed.
  • HeartBleed Vulnerability - Includes a fix to resolve the vulnerability issue resulting from the Heartbleed Bug.  

In my opinion, I’m a little surprised that Meru would release a security patch in this way.  I don’t have any insider knowledge of the process, but it seems to me that they waited for a scheduled update to release their HeartBleed fix.  I know HeartBleed turned out to be a smaller problem than the media initially made it out to be but I feel like this could have happened a little sooner.

At any rate, the affected Meru System Director versions are 6.0-x and 6.1-0-3.  Earlier versions are not vulnerable.  If you are running an affected version, you should upgrade to v6.1-1 as soon as possible.

You can find update software at Meru's support site.

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