Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Aruba Beacons: Indoor Location Services From Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is introducing a new device, the Aruba Beacon.  These devices will broadcast a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) location beacon which will enable compatible mobile devices using Meridian-powered mobile apps (from Aruba) to locate themselves in your venue.  The possibilities here are nearly endless.


Mobile devices using your Meridian-Powered mobile app and Aruba Beacons will now know where they are in your venue.  Imagine the possibilities in retail stores, hospitals, stadiums, museums, airports, etc.  Guests will be able to:

  • Enable interactive maps including a guest's exact location to help them find their way.
  • Send guests location specific push notifications detailing promotions and products offered at or near their specific location within your venue.
  • Guests can find information about the area around them including how long a wait time is or how to find a specific product listed on your website.
  • They could even tell an airline passenger when to leave their current location to make it to a departure gate on time.

The following video is provided by Aruba Networks.

How It Works

Aruba Beacons broadcast a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacon which allows mobile devices using a Meridian mobile app from Aruba to locate themselves in real-time.  The BLE signal is only a beacon and does not actually connect to the mobile devices.  Aruba Beacons are available in battery and USB powered versions.

Using Aruba ClearPass, when customers login to your guest wifi they can be directed to download your mobile app so they can be sure to take advantage of Aruba Beacon's location services.

Set up is simple and fast.  You can walk through your venue with the Aruba Beacons mobile app and install Aruba Beacons where you want and configure them as you go.

Keep watching CopperWiFi.com, Aruba Beacons will be available very soon.


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