Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Announcing the NEW CopperWiFi.com!

We've been working hard on some major changes to CopperWiFi.com and we're finally ready!

First, we have updated our branding.  We have a new logo and color scheme that we feel brings us up to date.  It feels cleaner and more inline with our goals and direction here at CopperWiFi.com.

We've updated our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages as well as other social media with the new look.  If you haven't already, follow the links and like, follow, etc to stay up to date with what we are doing.  Everything from new blog posts to product releases and updates will be announced there first.

Second, we have completely redesigned the site.  Again, we focused on a clean, updated appearance and ease of use.  Our goal is to give visitors the best information about our products and the best prices possible.  Let's be honest, CopperWiFi.com has a lot of competition.  We want to make buying wireless networking equipment as easy to understand as possible.  We want our customers to be as well in formed as possible.  That is the reason for everything we do, from writing this blog to organizing our products into customizable bundles so you know what you need to order, what's available, and what will be in the box when your shipment arrives.

We have also added a new "Add to Quote" button on every product.  This enables users to quickly and easily submit a request for quote to get CopperWiFi.com's best pricing for larger orders and quantities of product.

We've made many more small tweaks to the site, all with the aim of streamlining and simplifying your experience.  Come by, take a look, and let us know what you think!

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