Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager MDM - HowTo Videos

YouTube Video - Meraki Systems Manager - Apple Push CSR Configuration

Over the next few weeks I will be creating a series of videos for our YouTube channel that focus on the setup and management of devices on the Meraki Systems Manager MDM.  We just uploaded our first video which covers how to create a signed push certificate from Apple.  This is a requirement for all iOS devices in the MDM and is really easy to complete.  I was able to create, sign and test a new .pem certificate in under 2 minutes!  Meraki helped a bunch by giving us our CSR to upload to Apple.  Our next few videos will cover adding devices and what tools the MDM gives us to manage.

As we think about creating an Enterprise network, the ability to manage mobile devices should be a serious discussion.  How can sensitive information be remotely erased if a phone or tablet has been lost or stolen?  There are a number of reasons to utilize an MDM in your organization.  Each reason needs to match what the MDM can do for you, and more importantly how you manage the MDM.  We like the Meraki solution because of the cross platform integration and visibility.  I hope you enjoy and find these videos useful.

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